As an homage to the spirit of family and with a passion for music, Ohana was born. Ohana Ukulele a small, community-oriented ukulele company best known for their commitment to qualityevery instrument is individually inspected and set up before delivery to  authorized dealers around the world.

That’s because Ohana believes that regardless of your skill level, your ukulele should be functional and immediately playable, so the places you go with it are marked by the experiences that awaken you.

Today, Ohana contributes to interesting lives everywhere, heading out to far reaches of the globe. Bands have formed. Songs have been played. Relationships have been built. Lives have been changed. And whether you are purchasing your first, next, or best ukulele, Ohana here to help. Welcome to the family.

Owner Louis Wu (pictured here with SIN Radio host Kamaka Brown) has made a serious commitment to musicians and students of music with his instruments. 

Ohana Ukulele is a major sponsor of the Sandwich Islands Network community projects and we would like to mahalo Louis Wu for believing in and supporting SIN radio!