Featured Artists


Brittni Paiva

Brittni Paiva (pie –VAH) already is a multi award-winning instrumentalist is known for her stunning articulation of what she can do on the ukulele going from slow and moving, to rapid-fire, classical-ballet, to ancient Japan, translating forms of jazz, world beat, pop, Flamenco and Latin, and filter these styles through her 4-string ukulele.

Brittni and her ukulele are a brilliant match: Both are humble in nature, small in size, and very powerful with proper delivery. Brittni and the `ukulele in general have gained notoriety, no longer confined by stereotypes about the instrument. There’s a global resurgence in the instrument’s popularity and she is part of the trend.

Kapala Feature- Photo 2


Is a unique blend of music veterans and close friends that have come together to make their own “Imprint” on today’s music scene. The members of Kapala have backed up or been part of some of Hawaii’s finest groups and it is from this experience that Kapala draws it’s inspiration and desire to make their own mark. Kapala combines traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music with ethnic, jazz, rock, urban, and soul influences, creating a trailblazing style of music that is uniquely infectious, memorable, and at the forefront of today’s music scene.


Kalama Brothers

Ryan and Kai are brothers who grew up in Southern California playing and singing a variety of music. They found a comfort in performing for audiences of all sizes. Whether sitting in an small group of friends playing acoustic melodies, or getting together with other band members and playing nightclubs and event stages, they are always crowd-pleasers.


Paula Fuga

Paula Fuga is a musician on a mission. Though many play music for the platitudes or acclaim, Paula plays music for a culture–spreading the thoughtful and evocative voice of the Hawaiian for the generations to come.


Mike Love

A conscious roots reggae musician from Kaneohe, Hawai`i, transports roots reggae to new areas of creation where he infuses styles such as dub, rock, blues and jazz. “His voice is so unique–it’s so cool, it’s uplifting,” one reviewer said.


Patrick Landeza

Ki ho’alu guitarist singer songwriter

I believe that a second Hawaiian renaissance is taking place, however it is taking place here on the mainland.” — Patrick Landeza

Patrick Landeza is one of the best and most dedicated of the new generation of Slack Key players” George Winsto

Patrick is without doubt a slack key chameleon and we have only begun to see his many musical abilities.”- San Diego Slack Key Society


Owana Salazar

Born into a family well versed in music and deeply rooted in Hawaiian history, Owana possesses the ability to reach out in song to intimately embrace her audience. Her profound interpretation of Hawaiian classics, traditional and contemporary music and jazz standards, is truly a reflection of her ancestry and upbringing in knowledge and culture. No matter what genre of music Owana performs, she will bring the listener to an unforgettable experience.


Daniel Ho

has a simple philosophy of presenting music with sincerity and artistry. His dedication has culminated in six consecutive GRAMMY Awards – two of which, ‘ikena and Huana Ke Aloha – were collaborations with his childhood friend, Tia Carrere. In 2010, his solo ‘ukulele CD, Polani (Pure), was the first ‘ukulele album in music history to receive a GRAMMY nomination. The following year, Daniel’s solo piano CD, E Kahe Malie (Flowing Gently), received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

A Honolulu native, Daniel started music lessons at an early age and spent his teenage years orchestrating big band arrangements. Under the mentorship of Ray Wessinger, he learned everything he could to secure a viable career built around his passion. He is a prodigy of the Grove School of Music, where he excelled in composition and film scoring. He began his professional career as the leader and keyboardist of the acclaimed ’90s contemporary jazz band, Kilauea.


Lehua Kalima

Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Multi Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award Winner

Rising in Love is classic Lehua. Original, rich in romance and is supported by an amazing band featuring Shawn Pimental on guitar & drums, Michael Grande on keyboards & piano, Imua Garza on electric & acoustic guitar, Randy Aloya on Bass, Kaleo del Sol on guitar & vocals, Jay Dee Mannes on Pedal Steel, Michael Paulo on Sax and Jon Porlas on percussion. While still performing as a vital part of Nā Leo, Lehua Kalima spreads her wings releasing this much-demanded first solo CD.




Aolani  Kaeka

is an extraordinary entertainer who’s roots run very deeply in her Hawaiian culture.

She comes from a very musical family, both on her mother and her father’s side . Growing up in a rich culture of music, Aolani started singing and playing music with her parents from a very young age.

Family, or Ohana is Aolani’s first priority and her passion is her music! She also writes and composes her music .

In September of 2010, Aolani released her first Solo album, ” Daddy’s Gift”, which is dedicated to her father.


Aunty Geri Kuhia

Her voice reminds one of the classic female vocalists of a past generation. Lena Machado, Genoa Keawe, and Aunty Irmgard Aluli come to mind when listening to her sing.

“Na Mele o ku’u ‘Ohana” is the CD that features that beautiful voice. Aunty Geri and Mehana performs often in Southern California.