Aikane (Friends)

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The Hawaiian Concert Guide is dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian Music and Hawaiian Culture primarily from the islands of Hawai’i.

Pacific Talent 2Pacific Talent Academy of the Arts

is a non-profit organization made up of leaders, parents, volunteers, businesses and organizations in the community to help educate, create and provide opportunities for the youth to grow, sharpen and build up their skills to have courage, strength and confidence in their God given gifts and talents.

Na-Koa-Kai-Logo-125px-x-125px-squareNa Koa Kai Canoe Club

“Perpetuating the Hawaiian culture one keiki at a time”
Our mission is to perpetuate and preserve the Hawaiian culture and values through the promotion of competitive outrigger canoe paddling for our Nā ʽŌpio (youths) and ‘Ohana (family) and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle to our members.


Since 1998, has been the Internet home for Hawaiians and former Hawai’i locals living on the mainland, as well as, Hawaiians-at-heart worldwide.


We are dedicated to “Bringing Aloha to the Internet” with the best resources that will take you back to your “island days” and stay connected to the island life.



Cord International and Hana Ola Records

Bringing back the Classics!

Hana Ola (han-na o-la) n. (In Music)
1. The first name in vintage Hawaiian Music.
2. Hawaiian music record company passionately
dedicated to preserving, restoring and releasing
lost or previous out-of-print classic recordings.
3. A rich treasure trove of REAL Hawaiian music,
extensive historical liner notes and rare photos. 4. Hawaiian translation: “work of life” or “to grant or create life.”(click on logo) Special aloha and mahalo to Michael Cord for his kokua and support! You rock, sir !! 

**Sadly Michael Cord passed away in 2015.**

Michael Cord, the musician and record producer whose restoration and reissue of vintage Hawaiian recordings made an unparalleled contribution to the preservation of 20th-century Hawaiian and hapa haole music, died Sunday at his home in Ojai, Calif. He was 65.

Harry B. Soria Jr., recipient of eight Na Hoku Hanohano Awards for his work producing and annotating Cord’s HanaOla/Cord International releases, recalled Cord’s “huge impact on Hawaiian music.”

“You may not know the name Michael Cord, but you certainly know his work,” Soria said. “Many of today’s Hawaiian-music artists are regularly performing songs that Cord International restored from lost 78 rpm recordings and brought back to life for new generations to perform and dance to.” — Honolulu Star Advertiser, May 8, 2015


Hawaii – A Voice for Sovereignty

is a documentary film by photojournalist Catherine Bauknight that explores the culture of the Native Hawaiians and their connection to the land. At the forefront of the film are social, economic, and ecological issues that have developed in Hawaii since the takeover by the U.S. in 1893, revealed in interviews with grassroots indigenous people and scholars such as author, Haunani-Kay Trask. The documentary goal is to raise awareness of the issues faced by the Native Hawaiians, which threatens their ancient and environmentally sustainable culture. Bauknight hopes to bring this film to the world stage by theatrical release, screenings at international film festivals, and television programming.

Mahalo nui loa to the very special artists who have shared their mana’o, and aloha within the documentary and soundtrack CD. The enlightenment of their beautiful culture is provided within their music and the soundtrack of “Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty.” This fresh, pure Native Hawaiian music takes you on a journey into the Hawaiian experience.

Mahalo for your mana’o and mele

Charles Ka’upu, Cyril Pahinui, George Kahumoku, Ke’eaumoku Kapu, Lono, Richard Ho’opi’i, Skippy Ioanie and Willie K.